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Detailed Disney

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Stop and smell the roses.” Well, what about stopping to notice all the details Disney Parks have?

I love to include photos like these in my round of vacation images for two reasons. The first, is to remember which areas we went or to document which places we shared special memories in. During this particular trip, we took the Behind the Seeds tour at The Land pavilion. It was wonderful! After the tour, I took a picture of the sign just outside the entrance.

The wall was gorgeously made with different tiles of all shapes and colors! You can see it in the above image, but I wanted something more of the detailed wall. I lowered my aperture and focused on one section while composing the lines in a way that my eye liked.

These tiles where one of my favorite features at The Land pavilion, but the first photo just didn’t quite capture what I wanted. That first one is important, though, because it tells where we were.

Next time you’re at a Disney Park, stop and take a few photos of the details. You’ll soon notice that there’s no shortage of them!

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