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The BEST Photo to Take at Disney

Wondering what the best photo to take at Disney is?

A photo with the castle, perhaps? Nope. How about one which includes Mickey? Not exactly.

You see, the truly best photo to take while on a Disney vacation will be different for everyone. Sure, some of you are rolling your eyes right now, but I’m serious. If both you and I took a trip, we’d have different experiences. Even our own experiences would be different throughout the years. Every single trip to Disney has been different for me – who I went with, what time of year, the season of life I was in. It makes sense then, that each trip would have it’s own memories and therefore “best” photo that would differ from the rest.

The best thing you can do is be in tune with your family. Actively engage with them throughout the vacation. Ask them what their favorite rides are or who they are most excited to meet.

I love this photo below, and not for just it’s traditional Disney feel (Mickey ears & a classic Disney attraction). You see, this is our oldest, nearing the end of her younger childhood years and entering the harsh world of adolescence. On our second day at the Magic Kingdom, I asked what had been her favorite ride. When she told me Dumbo, I knew at once we should ride again, not only for her, but so that I could also capture this fleeting moment in time (I bet even next time we go, Dumbo won’t be her favorite).

My heart fills with joy looking at this photo. See how happy she is? That’s genuine magic right there. And dad is right there next to his little girl, soaking it all in.

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