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How to Take Better Photos: Disney Dark Rides

With so many of Disney’s attractions being “dark rides” I’d like to offer a few tips for those wanting to capture those rides.

Be respectful.
This is by far the MOST important tip for taking these types of photos. Make sure your flash is off while still in line. Turn off the live view display on the back of your camera or make sure it is covered up. Just that little bit of light can seem annoyingly bright to those riding alongside you and ruin the experience.

Be prepared.
You’ll want some sort of editing software so that you’ll be able to brighten and fix white balance, which you’ll most likely need to do with these attraction photos.

Consider the ride itself.
For example: Splash Mountain vs. It’s a Small World. Sure, they are both boat rides, but they are very different. Splash Mountain has the danger of your camera getting wet, where Small World doesn’t. Small World goes slower and the boat isn’t constantly being jerked around by bumpers like Splash Mountain. Some rides are just too dark, like Peter Pan’s Flight (although I do have some photos I like of the queue). If you’ve never been on the ride before, I’d recommend just enjoying it without taking any photos the first time. You’ll also have a better idea of what you want to take photos of the next time around!

Take advantage of delays in the attraction. 
Occasionally, you’ll be on a ride and it will have to stop momentarily. This is a great time to take a photo in a dark ride (please, please remember to be respectful to those around you, though). You’ll be able to use a slower shutter speed since you aren’t moving and hopefully get some images you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get!

Good luck!


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