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Don’t Forget to Do These 2 Things at Disney With Kids

Truth be told, there are many things to do on a Disney vacation that I consider “musts”: Dole Whips, Mickey ears, and the Tower of Terror to name a few.

But there are two important things to really consider if you’re bringing along kids. These tips will help keep kids in good spirits even in the hot sun during the crankiest time of day.


Yes, this seems obvious, but did you know that you can ask for a cup of ice water from any quick service restaurant in Disney and they give it to you for FREE?! It is so refreshing on a hot day and can truly be a game changer during those cranky moments. Most of us don’t even realize right away when our bodies are craving water. Not only will it keep your whole party moving, but happy people look happier in photos! Bonus: you don’t have to lug around water or worry about it getting warm in the Florida heat.

Have your kids gone over to the cranky/evil side? Use these tips to coax them back!

Melt Downs

Now, this tip is one that I read in one of my favorite planning books: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Basically, in part of the book they discuss how melt-downs are very likely to happen, especially with younger kids. Disney is overwhelming in all the best ways, but that mixed with heat and walking more than usual makes for some cranky times.

The best advice it gave was to pause and understand that something is going on inside that little human that needs to be addressed. They aren’t just simply “not behaving.” Then, my favorite part: ask them what you can do to make their day better. Sometimes they just need a snack or want to go on a certain ride. It can be hard being a kid and not feeling heard. This little action can put a derailed vacation back on track.

So, if you’re traveling with kids, definitely keep these two things in mind! Wishing you a Jolly Holiday on your next Disney trip with kids!

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