If you’re wondering what gear I use, you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll notice that I hardly ever use my phone to take photos (find out why here).

What Photo Gear to Bring to Disney - Disney Photo Tips

Most photographers have one camera brand that they start with and stick to. I have two. This is because I started off with SONY (which I love!) but when I was hired to second shoot weddings, I used that photographer’s equipment, which was Nikon. Now, I have both brands and use them both. So, in no particular order, here is what I have:

SONY a6000 

I use this camera mostly for video, but I love taking it on vacation because of how small it is! This is an older version, so if you’re serious, I’d consider buying the Sony a7R III. I have heard absolutely amazing things about this camera!!

E PZ 16-50 mm F 3.5-5.6 

I love this lens when traveling to Disney! The auto focus is heaven-sent for someone like me who likes to hand the camera off to my spouse without having to worry about the photo being in focus. It’s also great for both wide and portrait-type shots.

Nikon D700

This is what I use to second shoot weddings with and it’s a fantastic work-horse! I’m really familiar with it, which I think is super important no matter what camera you use. If you practice with your camera a lot and you know what it’s capable of, you’ll be able to do great things with it!

Sigma 24-70 mm F 2.8

If you only want to bring one lens to the Disney Parks, I would recommend this one! Great range for your whole day!!

P.S. Don’t forget extra batteries!! I always make sure I have extras because I don’t want to run out of juice before one of the most beautiful times of day – sunset/dusk!

P.P.S. Bring extra memory cards! I’ve had cards go bad before, so I’d recommend having a different card for each day. Losing just one day of photos would be better than losing an entire vacation’s worth.